Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve
Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve

Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve (Oil Line Protection)

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Protecting Your Property with a Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve (Anti-Siphon Valve)

The adoption of the B139 Series 15 Code as of March 8, 2018 changed the way oil tanks are set up.  Most outside tank installations now have the oil lines installed off the top of the tank and require a de-aerator.  A top supply tank will not prevent oil from siphoning should there be a breach in the oil line below the oil level in the tank.  The oil line in your basement has many potential leak points.  This includes components such as valves, filters, every fitting in that line also including the fuel pump.  The internal check valve in the fuel pump and its shaft seal are prone to unpredictable failure.  If the check valve fails in your pump, there is nothing to hold back the tank of oil.  The oil will flow continuously through the nozzle into the furnace.  The Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve prevents this by 'locking' the oil in the tank.  The valve is installed inside the tank and is always closed.  It only opens when the pump engages creating a vacuum that is sufficient to open it.  When the pump shuts down the valve closes.  If there is a breach in the oil line or one of the components, the valve cannot open because a sufficient vacuum cannot be generated to do so. Therefore the valve only open if the oil line is completely leak tight.  Every one of our installations includes this important safety feature.     


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