Oil Line Anti-Siphon Valve

The Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve™ Automatically Protects Your Oil Line

You can protect your oil line with a CSA approved Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve™ and Tigerloop® deaerator, a system that protects your oil line from the oil tank to your oil pump.  This in-tank safety valve is installed before the manual shut off valve.  Should someone cut your oil line by accident (lawn mower) or intentionally (vandalism, theft) this patented safety valve immediately 'locks' the oil in your tank. 

B139 Series 15 code implementation took effect on March 8, 2018.  Most tanks will now have the oil line installed in the top of the tank with a de-aerator.  A top supply line on a tank will not prevent siphoning of oil should there be a fuel pump failure, a break in the oil line or damage to fittings/filter below the liquid level of the tank.  The Haseloh anti-siphon valve will prevent oil from flooding your property should there be any breach in the oil line system.  Most insurance policies carry a deductible that costs more than this valve.        

The Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve™ is produced by the manufacturer of the Haseloh Pipeline Leak Detection System in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. 

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Haseloh Fuel Oil Safety Valve  (Oil Line Protection)
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